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Jonathan W. Affe

Wealth Advisor

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For more than a decade, Optimal Planning has been assisting families, executives, and business owners with their many financial and investment management needs. By working closely with an advisor, people can plan for the many milestones ahead and, as a result, may feel more confident in their financial future. Our firm was founded by Mr. Jonathan W. Affe with this belief in mind. No matter how much we grow over the years, we remain committed to serving clients as their lifelong financial advisors, focused on building and sustaining trusted relationships that span generations.

From a young age, Jonathan has always had a passion and a lifelong plan to work in the financial sector. He has learned to connect his love for conducting heavy business with his passion for helping others. He finds it extremely self-rewarding to help clients protect their finances and retire on their own terms. When sized up to his industry’s competition, Jonathan stands out not only because of his allegiance to his clients, but also due to his role as a niche planner. His strongest characteristic as a professional is his ability to foresee future financial opportunities for the business owner, which generally can equate to the individual investor as well. This characteristic has evolved from his own personal experience as a business owner in combination with his creative mind as a person, as he is not afraid to think outside of the box.

We understand the complexities of the financial services industry and the many decisions business owners and individuals must make. Not only have we personally experienced the challenges of running a business, but we also attend multiple regional strategy and product conferences in various states throughout the year in order to stay up-to-date on the latest industry product changes, tax cycles, and unbiased financial news. By staying current, we seek to thoroughly address clients’ concerns, explaining confusing concepts and helping them better understand the investment opportunities available. And as their needs or situations change, we’re here to help make adjustments to their strategies or assist them with their decision making.

Whether we’re working with executives, families, or business owners, our goal is to provide objective guidance and serve as a resource for their investment and financial needs. We are an independent firm, which means we don’t have any conflicts of interest, proprietary products, or quotas to meet. We put our clients’ needs first and foremost, and want them to feel comfortable knowing they are receiving honest advice and objective recommendations. While we are an independent firm, we still enjoy the mentorship support of an OSJ firm not too far from our nation’s capital. Additionally, we have an experienced support staff provided by our broker-dealer located in Orange County, California. This helps us better serve clients throughout the nation by having a real time reference source when required in a financial plan.

We invite you to reach out to us and learn more about how we may be able to help you for the many years to come.